Ossetian pies for vegetarians: pastries without ingredients of animal origin

Ossetian pies for vegetarians: pastries without ingredients of animal origin
Caucasian pastry is very popular in Kiev. Many people prefer to order Ossetian pies with a vegetarian or meat filling directly to work. Always fresh, hot, only from the oven, the products of the Three Pies bakery allow you to fully fill and enjoy a truly delicious lunch or dinner. Especially for those who do not eat meat, a special menu has been developed. It includes dishes prepared without the use of ingredients of animal origin.
Vegetarian Ossetian Pies
For the preparation of traditional vegetarian Caucasian pastries prepare the dough without eggs. It can be either yeast or cooked on the basis of fermented milk products, which provide the splendor of Ossetian vegetarian pies. In the menu of the bakery "Three Pies" you can order delivery of Lenten Ossetian pies:
• with potatoes, mushrooms and herbs;
• with cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes and herbs.
This is an excellent choice for people who observe religious traditions and temporarily limit themselves to using animal products. Vegetarians who have not given up the cheese, waiting for a large selection of Ossetian pies with cheese filling:
• “Four cheeses” - the most demanded type of baking. A subtle combination of completely different tastes forms an incredible bouquet of various flavors and aftertastes;
• Fresh aromatic herbs and juicy tomatoes perfectly complement the taste of homemade cheese in the pie “With tomatoes, greens and Ossetian cheese” pie
• Pie with stretching melted cheese Suluguni, fragrant mushrooms and fresh herbs is best suited for a hearty lunch in the office;
• Stuffing from spinach and suluguni has a classic noble taste, which is to the liking of connoisseurs of Mediterranean and Caucasian cuisine;
• Ossetian cheesecake with porcini mushrooms, potatoes and fresh herbs created especially for those who like to have a good lunch. Generous healthy filling can satisfy even the most hungry person.
• Vegetarian cheesecake with pumpkin and Ossetian cheese has a great unique flavor, combined with fermented milk drinks and natural berry fruit drinks.
Special attention to vegetarians should be paid to the seasonal menu. It includes Ossetian pies made exclusively from fresh vegetables. Their fillings may include:
• Cheese and fresh beet leaves;
• Cheese, new potatoes and green herbs;
• Cheese and young tender zucchini.
And vegetarians, like other bakery customers, can enjoy sweet cakes, which are able to replace high-calorie cakes with fat cream on the holiday table. Dried dried and fresh fruits, roasted nuts and berries, candied fruits and fine oriental spices are the basis of festive Ossetian pies for vegetarians.
Fast delivery of hot meals in Kiev
Fresh pastries from the Ossetian bakery "Three Pies" are delivered to all districts of Kiev. This allows many businessmen, office workers and representatives of other professions not to spend extra efforts on searching for a suitable cafe. A delicious hot lunch of fresh Ossetian pies, delicious sauce and berry juice will be quickly delivered to the address provided.
With us, dinner is always tastier!