Ossetian pies with hot pepper: not only tasty, but also useful!

Ossetian pies with hot pepper: not only tasty, but also useful!
Hot pepper is one of the most popular ingredients in the Caucasus of most dishes. It is not only added to sauces - adjika or tsakhton, but also necessarily in some versions of the filling for the legendary Ossetian pies. After all, in addition to spiciness, pepper also has an original taste that excites receptors and a special smell that awakens the appetite. In addition, capsaicin - the very alkaloid, which gives dishes extreme urgency, has a beneficial effect on the body. This has been proven both by traditional medicine and by serious scientific research.

Spicy pies: the taste of real Ossetian cuisine!

Did you not have time to load lunch-box before work, do not you like food in the office canteen or there is no time to look for a free table in the nearest cafes to have lunch? Ossetian bakery "Three Pies" gives you the opportunity to eat tasty and satisfying food yourself or in the company of employees with real Ossetian pies with spicy or any other filling. All that needs to be done is to make a preliminary order for the delivery of pies directly to your place of work.
In the menu, everyone will be able to find the optimal combination of tastes and enjoy a truly hearty lunch. Fans of spicy Caucasian baking will be delighted:
  • Pie with homemade chicken fillet, traditional cheese, sweet and hot peppers;
  • Pie with juicy veal, aromatic herbs and stinging jalapeño;
  • Pie with tender lamb, veal and stinging Jalapeño;
  • Turkey meat pie, ricotta, dried dried fruit and stinging jalapeño.
These dishes will turn the usual meal into a real celebration of tastes, especially for those who like to eat more spicy!

Is it true that hot pepper can cause addiction?

Yes! Of course, it can! After all, who does not like when the food is delicious and gives real pleasure! Some people believe that spicy food fans are unable to take food without hot peppers, so their receptors are less sensitive.