Ossetian cheese

Ossetian cheese

 Genuine cheese that is of ancient origin

  Ossetia was once the only state. Today, it has fallen into several parts and Ossetia has become known as the Central Caucasus region, but the Ossetians have managed to preserve its traditions, which include Ossetian cheese. It is also called tikhit, and it is much appreciated in our time because it is the culinary heritage of the whole people. Tikht, like many years ago, is still home-made cheese. It is extremely appreciated by the Ossetians, because it has many advantages.


These include a pleasant taste, a large amount of nutrients and trace elements and high nutritional value, which still plays a big role. Of course, Ossetians are still proud of their cheese and make it at home according to old recipes that are often passed down from generation to generation. It is rare for a dinner of representatives of this people to do without genuine Ossetian cheese. In fact, its more common name is suluguni. If you want to try authentic Ossetian cheese, you can order Ossetian pie with cheese in the pie "THREE CAKES", in which we make Ossetian cheese ourselves.

Something about cooking

   So how do you cook this wonderful cheese? Each family has its own variation of the recipe, its variants and proportions, but overall the recipe is about the same. Milk of cows, goats and sheep was taken for cooking. This recipe has long been used. Initially, the milk was heated, but it did not boil. Serum was then added to the milk, which was required in natural animal enzymes. As such enzymes are commonly used rennet. This mixture was then allowed to rest in a dark place for 40-60 minutes. It was very important to control the process, because without it, the future cheese would not have the authentic Ossetian cheese flavor and authentic taste. After settling and turning, the mixture was pressed, removing excess serum. Then the cheese was placed in special forms, where the final process of ripening of the product. Since the Ossetians were a mountain people, cheese and its nutritional value played almost a vital role, as it was necessary not to allow milk to spoil and feed itself. That is why a way of making genuine Ossetian cheese was created.