Beware of fakes

Beware of fakes
For hundreds of years, the traditions and unmatched taste of original Ossetian dishes have been known and respected throughout the world. There is no such baking on the whole planet. Traditional Ossetian pies are associated with a hearty filling and a refined aroma. It seems that there is no difficulty in baking such dishes, however, this work requires some experience and skill. How to enjoy a truly original dish and avoid fakes?

Why do we have really original Ossetian pies?

The increased popularity of Ossetian cuisine leads to an increase in low-quality producers. When ordering delivery of pies in Kiev to your home or work, be careful when choosing only proven companies that have long been proven on the positive side.
Our bakery Three Pies is considered a truly Ossetian culinary company. We produce original traditional Ossetian pies using a unique technology, the secret of which we have been keeping for a long time. We treat the culinary traditions of our people with special trepidation, winning more and more fans of our national cuisine.

The secret of making original Ossetian pies

Our team of chefs knows firsthand how to cook unique dishes deliciously and skillfully. It took us a lot of time to achieve a high level of skill and gain some experience and skill in the preparation of Ossetian pies. In our work we use the recipe and production technology transmitted from generation to generation by Ossetian families.
Our chef Aslan Abaev is from Ossetia. He learned this skill from his grandmother from the age of seven and taught our entire team the traditions and recipes for preparing delicious dishes. All production technology is based on the use of manual labor. What can not be said about most of these companies.
The quality of a real Ossetian pie is particularly affected by the production process. For example, we cook ground beef on our own from fresh meat, without using purchased unknown quality. Ossetian cheese and suluguni are prepared on our own only from fresh products using our own traditional technology.
For Ossetian pies we use airy, soft and tender dough so that it can be rolled out by hand. We’ll reveal a little secret: if the dough is easily rolled out with a rolling pin, then it is already unsuitable for cooking traditional Ossetian dishes.
The process of baking pies is done on a wood stove. Therefore, when buying Ossetian pies with home delivery, be sure that all the ingredients consist exclusively of natural products. We carry out daily deliveries of meat, greens by constant suppliers of products, which guarantees safety for health.
Our customers can easily order pies at home or in the office on the website or by phone. We deliver food at a convenient time for our customers throughout Kiev.

The secret of success of our Ossetian dishes

We will open the secret of our bakery “Three Pies”, which managed to win the hearts and love of most of Kiev:
  • For our dishes we use only quality food.
  • Our team of highly professional chefs is fluent in the intricacies of cooking Ossetian pies.
  • We always deliver our hot dishes to our customers quickly.
  • Delivery is made in the shortest possible time to any corner of Kiev by our quick couriers.
  • We constantly pamper our customers with pleasant discounts and promotional offers.
If you want to taste really tasty and original Ossetian dishes, then be sure to contact our bakery Three Pies.