Pigeon pie - fantasy or reality?

Pigeon pie - fantasy or reality?
Many fans of “Game of Thrones” do not even realize that a wedding cake with live pigeons is a real dish that was really cooked by medieval chefs. Moreover, echoes of this curious tradition can be found at modern festivals in the form of dancers jumping out of a huge cake. Well, or not dancers - in the film “Only girls in jazz” the bandits jumped out of the birthday cake and killed the main mafia (sorry for the spoiler). There was also an option in which even a small orchestra was placed in the cake, so a “live” cake is not fiction, but rather real entertainment. Of course, no one baked unfortunate birds and musicians. Everything is much more prosaic - a thick-walled base with a lid is baked, which is temporarily filled with flour at the cooking stage. These walls are most often completely inedible, since their only function is to hide the filling for the time being. Special openings are made in the pie so that the “filling” can breathe and live quietly until the moment of enchanting appearance in public. In any case, it is unlikely that anyone would eat cake stained with bird feathers (or even worse) or shoe soles. By the way, the custom of hiding inedible things in food is not only about living things. Chinese fortune cookies and wedding rings in desserts from the same paraffin. In our Ossetian pies to order, you will find only edible fillings!

Edible pies with pigeons

The pigeon is primarily a bird, and they were not always exclusively urban winged rats or an analogue of “Telegram”. Cakes with game is a popular dish that has been known to mankind since time immemorial. They hunted birds for food and game meat was always considered a delicacy. The meat of wild quail or wild pigeon is tender and tasty, and if you are lucky enough to get 5-6 carcasses from a hunter, then turn on your culinary talents at full capacity. Of course, it is much easier to order a pie with delivery - we have very tasty pies with poultry meat. If you still decide to try to cook pigeon pie, then do not forget that game meat must first be thoroughly boiled with spices, and only then used as an ingredient for baking. To prevent the meat from turning dry, you need to prepare the sauce in advance (for example, bechamel) and saturate the future filling of the cake well. Juiciness is one of the most important criteria by which a good pie compares favorably with a mediocre one. The network of “3 Pies” bakeries will help you realize this from our own experience: we bake the juiciest pies in Kiev!

Pies with chicken and turkey - bestsellers

Poultry meat is rich in protein and nutrients, and properly cooked it is simply incredibly tasty. Not everyone likes to eat red meat daily, because it can be heavy for the stomach and the body as a whole. The dietary qualities of turkey and chicken have long been known to everyone, but in combination with fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs give pleasure to all lovers to eat tasty and satisfying. Order pies directly on this site, be sure to use the bonus system available to each of our regular customers, and pay attention to promotional offers and discounts on pies. Our fillings do not fly, do not sing songs and do not dance - they are just very tasty, and always one hundred percent fresh. You can give pies with such a filling even to your children, because we use only the highest quality products for our Ossetian pies.