Pies from a wood-burning stove - not the last century

Pies from a wood-burning stove - not the last century
Some of us were born in a big city, and someone came to Kiev from one of the beautiful Ukrainian villages. Some regularly have access to homemade cakes from the home oven, while others only tried the oven cake in an expensive restaurant. In any case, practically everyone who has tried both of them can distinguish a cake baked in an oven or a bread machine from one that was seasoned by all rules in a wood-burning oven.
A wood stove, seasoned with the right fuel, gives a special flavor to any product, it warms up and bakes dough correctly and evenly, and you will not feel the influence of plastic or gas. It's like making a roast in an ordinary frying pan, or in a pot - the dish is baked in its own juice, and all the useful vitamins and minerals, all the shades of taste of each ingredient, all the best that can be in the dish - remains in it.
Of course, when everyone in the house has at least an oven, it can be difficult to explain why a real Ossetian pie should be cooked in a wood-burning stove. Even adhering to the correct recipe and having considerable experience of baking, it is impossible to get two absolutely identical pies from the oven and from the wood stove.
Not every restaurant has wood-burning stoves at the moment, and certainly they are not in fast-food chains, where the main method of cooking is frying in oil. We have created a network of bakeries that will quickly and tasty feed you a pie from a real wood-burning stove. This is not a marketing move, but our completely conscious decision, because the mission of our company is to feed customers really high-quality food, and develop a good business that benefits both employees and customers.

Homemade Pies

Our goal has always been to make the healthy tasty and the special affordable. Therefore, we approved the technology that has proven itself and implemented the mass and rapid production of the freshest baked goods. We have been bringing pies to our home long enough to say with confidence that we have managed to achieve our main goals. Our customers know that we know how to bake the most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev, we bring them always on time and in fresh hot form.
You will not find dry burned crusts, fresh and small fillings and thick dough in our products. We are sure that even the most fastidious gourmet will appreciate our pies, and will certainly recommend us to his friends. We provide all the possibilities for ordering pies in Kiev as simple and convenient as possible. Take a look at the delivery and payment section on our website and see for yourself. Delivery to anywhere in Kiev, as well as to nearby cities with maximum speed and without loss of quality.
A modern convenient site, a menu in which the filling of each pie is described in detail, the possibility of ordering both through the "basket" and by phone. You can write to us in Viber if it is inconvenient to talk now, and in any case we will accept your order and execute it in the best possible way. Pay in any convenient way - from the card, or in cash, and enjoy delicious food without leaving your home or office.
In the very near future we will launch our own mobile application, which will be freely available both in the Apple Store and on Google Play. The already familiar mobile environment is now complemented by yet another pleasantness - instant ordering of pies in Kiev. Wherever you are within our city - make an order. It is possible that one of our bakeries is very close, and soon you will enjoy a hot Ossetian pie baked in accordance with all the rules.