Why did we choose the name "Three Pies"?

Why did we choose the name "Three Pies"?
All people at least once in their life tried Ossetian pies. The flavoring properties of the dish are simply amazing. However, not everyone knows that this is not just an amazing dish in terms of taste, it has interesting information.


Ossetian pies are round in shape, symbolizing the earth, heaven and the Divine.
At the festival, always put 3 pies on the table. Moreover, three pieces are laid on top of each other. The result is a magical space in the form of three deities:
  • The first means God.
  • The second tells about the sky and the sun (goes average).
  • The third states the vastness of the earth (the latter).
It turns out all three elements. This number is blessed both among Christians and among Ossetians. Most Orthodox Ossetians associate three cakes with the symbols of the Holy Trinity. In addition to the mentioned elements, the number three means: God - the Father, God - the Son and God - the Holy Spirit. And the feasting itself is reminiscent of the Last Supper according to the ritual.

Pies are usually placed on a round table with small legs called fing. If this is a wedding or other celebration, maybe just a national holiday, then cakes are served at the beginning of the table from the western part, where elders are present. Seniors are positioned to see everyone entering the house. Then divine prayer is read. At the same time, the pies are spread apart so that the gaze can cover all three pies at once.

We cut Ossetian pies correctly!

Ossetians have a “golden rule”: “During cutting, it is not just not allowed to spin the dish with the pies, but it is contraindicated !!!” You can do anything you like, and this rule needs to be known to everyone who follows the traditions of Ossetia. As mentioned above, three pies mean three deities. It’s hard even to imagine how to move the earth and the sun like moving a dish with cakes.
Cut the pies with lines in diameter. It turns out, first we cut from top to bottom, and only then from left to right. Moreover, a quarter is also cut in half in diameter.

Types of fillings for Ossetian pies

According to the Ossetian belief, pies on the table guarantee prosperity in the house, health of the owners and family happiness at home. Therefore, this particular dish has been so relevant for many centuries. The variety of various fillings is especially striking: “Ossetian pies with cheese and herbs”, “pies with potatoes and herbs”, the list goes on and on.
A huge number of fillings just amazes the eye! The fillings are meat with various original additives, mushrooms, mixed vegetables and even delicious salmon.

Types of Dough for Pies

Ossetian pies among the majority of cakes of the Caucasus stand out with an unusually thin layer of dough. It is believed that if the dough is too thick, then the cook is not a professional. Ossetians even had an amazing belief: “A woman must bake at least 300 pies of this kind, only then she will become an experienced hostess!”

Cereals, cheese and sour-milk products were very popular in ancient times. Previously, nomads had no idea about yeast, in the form of filling rennet cheese with impurities of all kinds of herbs, meat or from beet tops was used. At the same time, the pie itself is called early.

Yeast dough, which contains yeast, is a more modern version, which is used in most cases now. It must be gentle and soft. Moreover, its diameter will be from 30-40 cm, and thickness up to 2 cm no more.
The taste qualities of Ossetian pies continue to delight with incomparable flavors. There is no need to stand for hours and bake the original dish yourself. It is easier to order delivery of Ossetian pies to your home in the bakery of Ossetian pies THREE PIES.