Why Ossetian pies are not fed in the army

Why Ossetian pies are not fed in the army
Nutrition in the army has always been a difficult issue. Having given rise to many jokes, tales and rather unsightly stories, our valiant those who are responsible for the comfortable existence of people within the framework of compulsory military service have not been able to finally overcome the problem. There are a lot of materials in the press on this subject, but there is no unequivocal opinion. Someone talks about the horrors of army food, while someone on the contrary extols the soldier’s kitchen in such a way that it’s almost time to give out a Michelin star. What is known for certain - in 2006, the food of our conscripts was outsourced to private companies. On the one hand, this could really improve the quality of food, and on the other, it would turn out to be just part of a money laundering scheme, which, unfortunately, is more than enough in our country. If it were possible to give the guys a choice so that they could order food at their discretion, then most likely sooner or later everyone would switch to a more or less balanced diet, because a strict regime and great physical activity require not just a certain amount of calories, but also sufficient food quality. The trouble is that most dining rooms are simply not properly equipped, and many require major repairs in order to talk about at least the minimum acceptable conditions. The provision of equipment often lies directly with the performers, and then the question of their integrity is already raised. Another problem - it is worth changing the contractor and all refrigerators and other equipment will leave together with the dismissed outsourcing company.

What are the rules of the game on the army food delivery market?

The answer is simple - very complex and confusing. Providing the army with food is not the most profitable business, but if it weren’t for the numerous difficulties arising on the way of the company, then there would probably have been at least patriotic businessmen ready to feed our military in good faith and with high quality. Food delivery (Kiev), even to conventional military units located within the region, can be difficult, even purely logistically, and there is no need to talk about decent nutrition for soldiers in the zone of direct military operations. Numerous stories on TV show us the soldier’s kitchen not from the most attractive side. The situation is more reminiscent of food on the campaign than a full-fledged concern for the health of the military, and military operations have been going on for many years. At the same time, our guys sometimes share terrible information - moldy bread, lack of butter, cheese and vegetables, and wormworm. Taking advantage of the fact that the military has no choice, they cannot order the delivery of healthy food from Kiev, suppliers allow themselves to provide low-quality products that require unconditional write-offs. Sukhpai, from time to time allocated by the state, went mainly to the reserve for a rainy day, because, unfortunately, we did not have to rely on stable tasty food from the state.

Such pies. Kiev knows how to cook, but cooks in the army?

In addition to directly delivering products, there is another problem - they need to be properly prepared. After all, an inept cook can spoil even an initially high-quality product by boiling pasta into porridge, or overdrying meat. And good cooks, sincerely devoted to their work, practically do not meet in the army. And even if some part is lucky to get a good cook, then it will not affect the situation as a whole. The military, located in the war zone, have the opportunity to buy food on their own, but it looks from the outside, as the height of cynicism. People at risk of life are forced to fight for survival, not only on the battlefield, but also in the field kitchen. About 60 hryvnias are currently allocated for the food of one fighter. If you take into account only the cheapest products, it is quite possible to feed one person for this amount. But it’s hardly a question of taste, and a person forced to eat tasteless food, and not being able to even order a banal meal (Kiev) to his taste, is unlikely to feel psychologically comfortable. Order pies from us and eat tasty and varied!