Let`s talk about gems!

Let`s talk about gems!
There is such a saying that the best girlfriends of girls are diamonds. Is that so? Definitely. Every girl wants to have some kind of ring, earrings or necklace with this gemstone. This stone has always been a sign of wealth, because not everyone can buy it. But the diamond is not one. There are loads of stones in the world that are very expensive. But can any stone be called precious. To call it a fireplace must meet three criteria: be rare, durable and beautiful. How to define it?
The rarity of the stone is determined by the difficulty of its extraction and its finding in nature. One of the most difficult is diamond mining - future diamonds. First, diamond ore is extracted from the earth, from which diamond crystals are then extracted. At least 0.5 diamond carat per tonne of ore is required in order for the production to be profitable. And only 20 percent will be suitable for use in jewelry. So imagine how much ore you need to process in order for a woman to get that dreamy diamond ring.
The next criterion is durability. No corporation will master the location of minerals and stones that are rapidly becoming unusable. Agree, you do not need a product with fragile inserts. Therefore, durability is the determining factor for stones that claim to be precious. Stone durability is measured in hundreds and thousands of years. But the fireplace can be both hard and brittle at the same time. The diamond is so hard that it is used when spraying other solid materials, but when it falls, this crystal can crack or even break.
Another factor is beauty. But this is not whether we like this pebble or not. The concept of beauty in stones is calculated. The cost is affected by color saturation, the degree of refraction of the sun's beam, the absorption spectrum of color and other characteristics that professional homologists check with special devices. It is unlikely that a person at first sight will be able to appreciate all these qualities.
Scientists have already learned to synthesize liquid stones, but their cost is nothing compared to the prices of natural diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones. Only the one found in the bowels of the earth can be considered truly valuable.
Not only stones, but anything, can be valuable. There is a large variety of product value ratings. Food is also valuable. Its cost is also influenced by many factors. The cost of the products themselves, from which they cooked, the difficulty of delivery. The price also depends on the cook's name. Chefs of chefs around the world are worth several hundred or even thousands of dollars.
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