Purchased juices VS natural fruit drinks

Purchased juices VS natural fruit drinks
Drinking fruit juices is a great idea for those who want a healthy lifestyle. But the acquisition and operation of a juicer, even in its modern automatic form, is a waste of at least time and effort. Are purchased juices really able to give us the same amount of benefits as freshly squeezed ones? Firstly, freshly squeezed juice cannot live as long as it can be bought at the expense of preservatives and stabilizers. Basically, juices are not made by direct extraction from fresh fruits - the juice is reconstituted from frozen concentrates, and how many vitamins survive after so many processing steps is unclear. The concentrate is a juice evaporated at a temperature of 60-65 degrees, and then the raw material is frozen. After that, it remains to dilute this raw material with pure water, homogenize (remove excess lumps) and pasteurize - that is, heat it up at a temperature of 90 degrees so that harmful microorganisms die and cannot harm the end user. Official laboratory studies suggest that there are no harmful impurities, extra sugar in purchased juices, and vitamins are stored in the required volume. Nevertheless, washing a pie to order in Kiev, you will surely distinguish packaged juice from freshly squeezed.

What is fruit drink, uzvar and what is the difference from compote

What is kompotik and how to cook it, perhaps, everyone knows. It is enough to take any berries or fruits, cook them over low heat, add a little sugar to taste and let it brew. The brightness and richness of taste depend on the proportion between the amount of raw materials and water. Making mors at home is also very simple - the essence is the same, but the mors tastes more acidic due to the fact that it uses sour berries, such as cranberries, currants, raspberries and so on. Uzvar is made from dried fruits using exactly the same technology. If you digest fruits and berries, then their benefits are significantly reduced, so nevertheless, some experience is needed in this matter. Some people prefer not to boil the berries, but simply to dilute the freshly squeezed juice of acidic berries with sweetened boiled water. Excess sugar will also negatively affect the positive qualities of the drink. But, in any case, you can be absolutely sure that in natural fruit drinks there are no nutritional supplements that can harm the body. If you order food with home delivery in our bakery network, we will certainly offer you fresh, natural fruit drinks of our own production, and your dinner will be one hundred percent natural and organic. Check out our menu and choose the most delicious dinner for you today.

Is it possible to drink pies with juices and fruit drinks

It is believed that drinking food directly in the process of eating is impossible. Allegedly, the liquid dilutes the gastric juice and interferes with full digestion. To understand whether this is true, one must understand the principle of digestion. It begins in the mouth, when we chew a piece of Ossetian pie and enjoy its taste, saliva enzymes are already beginning to prepare food for further processing. In the stomach, food is mixed with gastric juice. So is water or other liquid capable of somehow hindering this process? The fact is that the stomach produces exactly the amount of juice that is needed to process the provided volume of food and water. The liquid helps to thin out solid pieces, and complements the amount eaten, which helps to avoid overeating. The only contraindication to drinking may be heartburn, but if you do not suffer from this ailment, then feel free to drink food as you are used to.