Is it helpful to go to the bathroom?

Is it helpful to go to the bathroom?
With the onset of the cold, many people open the season of "walking in the bath." Turkish, Finnish, Russian and many other baths offer steaming in their body. Why are there such a variety of places and hiking in the bath?

Types of baths

The names of different saunas do not mean that you are waiting for a special interior or furnishings. Their names depend on the microclimate. For example, a Turkish bath, or as it is called hammam, is a steam bath with a temperature of up to 45 degrees. Russian bath has a higher humidity, and the temperature in the middle of it can reach 70 degrees. The Finnish bath is characterized by dry air and low humidity, which is why the temperature here can exceed even 100 degrees. There is also a Japanese bath, which is a hot water barrel that provokes heavy sweating. There are also various phyto barrels and vats that also actively steam the entire body.
Whatever bath you choose, you should visit it with your own hygiene products: a towel, soap, scrub (optional), linen, a special broom. As for the broom, it is one of the main attributes of almost all bathrooms and is of different composition. Birch broom contains essential oil with vitamins A and C, and after its application, there is a feeling of relaxation throughout the body. Oak broom has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. A linden broom is used for headaches. Those with rheumatism are advised to use a nettle broom. There are also many other types of brooms for baths, but each includes herbs that have unique healing properties.

What is useful for hiking in the bath

In addition to whisking, any bath has a positive effect on the body and the body as a whole. Of course, unless you are suffering from cardiovascular disease. If you are an asthmatic, hypotonic, hypertensive, or have any other illness, be sure to consult your doctor before going to visit this place.
What good can a bath visit bring?
- Improves blood circulation, which supplies it with oxygen.
- During the action of the pores, the pores open and the skin begins to breathe freely. The process results in contamination of the upper layers of the epidermis.
- The bath relaxes the muscles and promotes recovery and rest.
- Reduces stress as a result of the active production of endorphins under the influence of warm temperature.
- Promotes easier breathing. So if you have a runny nose, the best treatment is to steam it well in the bath.
- Due to the fact that our heart starts to beat faster, we also burn a certain amount of calories during our stay in the bath.
But how much benefit a bath, sauna or hot water barrel would bring us, remember that you always have to listen to your body. And if you are experiencing poor health, dizziness, it is best not to sit in the steam room.
And delicious?
Often, people bring food and drinks to the bathroom, because after the procedures, the animal's appetite always wakes up. Doctors recommend drinking herbal teas in the bath and not drinking alcohol. But who refrains from cold beer after a full blow to the whole body. But keep in mind that everything should be in moderation. As for food, here you can bring snacks, snacks, sandwiches. Do not overload your stomach with excessive amounts of food. We also suggest you order Ossetian pie at our bakery. Our cheese pies don't really contain a lot of calories, because they consist mainly of toppings and a thin layer of crispy dough. They are ideally suited for consumption in the baths, because they crave hunger perfectly.