The right dough is the right Ossetian pie

The right dough is the right Ossetian pie
Dough, like the shell and one of the main ingredients of any baking, should go perfectly with the stuffing, or, if the product is without stuffing, it should be delicious on its own. To knead the dough on a pancake - the task is simple, and under the power of any young mistress. Moreover, even there you can find a place for creativity - someone manages to make pancakes without flour, someone - without eggs, some like sweet dough, some salty. Of course, with a certain level of skill it is possible to bake not just cakes, which are then dipped in sour cream, but a true work of art in the form of openwork pancakes, or pancakes with drawings.
Fresh dough by itself does not require as much attention as yeast requires. Since we make custom made pies from yeast dough, we'll talk about it mostly. Test recipes on the Internet are more than enough, including yeast. You can choose the recipe that you prefer, the main thing is that when baking Ossetian pies you follow a simple rule - the thinner the dough and the thinner the pie - the better your product is. The filling should be at least 70% of the total pie weight, but should not fall out. And the dough should not be dried, but soft and tasty.

How long does the Ossetian pie cook at home?

If you consider the time of going to the store for the necessary products, preparation of surfaces, dishes, time for preparation of yeast, kneading the dough, waiting for it to rise ... Already sounds threatening in the sense that at least the whole day off you have to devote to the pie. And one thing, if it's your hobby, well, if you just love to eat? That's why we created our chain of bakeries. Our custom-made delivery pies are better than you could please your stomach today. At the same time try to calculate how much you spend time and money and compare with our prices!

You can relax and spend time with your family and friends, knowing that you are not hungry, and you will certainly enjoy the food. You can even start a small but tasty and cozy tradition - gathering people close to you once a week for board games and delicious Ossetian pies. We are sure that no one will refuse to spend time with you!

Origin of pie products

A really interesting question. When you are cooking for yourself at home, you are most likely to buy products at the supermarket. And even if you carefully read all the shelf life (which may be glued), pay attention to the composition of the product (and because the inscription "without GMOs" is not a guarantee of quality, and not every "Eshka" is harmful to the body), still be preserved one hundred percent of the purchase of poor quality pie raw material is very difficult.
Another matter is when the professionals are engaged in the procurement, for which the quality of raw materials is the quality of the final product. And the master of his craft will never go down to purchasing poor quality products. Our delivery pies in Kyiv and the region are our pride. We know exactly how to distinguish good meat from poor quality, which yeast is best used and which farmer will give us better mushrooms. These details make up the complete picture - a delicious, delicate Ossetian pie that melts in your mouth and does not overload the stomach. Among our regular clients there are many offices, and this is a rather capricious audience, because at work people want to eat delicious and useful. We love our customers, remember their birthdays, and always give birthday party discounts on delivery pies. Come to our site, study the novelties and be sure to try everything that interests you!