Imagine being on a desert island

Imagine being on a desert island
Nowadays, when life is out of place, when we are always in a hurry, we need to stop and take a breath from time to time. Each of us badly needs a rest. We are waiting for him, planning a vacation, traveling. And if we live in a big city such as Kiev, then rest is even more necessary. Because the hustle and bustle of a big city has a huge impact on our health, emotions and behavior. We are overwhelmed by the noise of the roads, a large crowd of people rushing somewhere. We do not have time for the subway or trolleybus, we are nervous because we are late for work. We are always in a hurry. Sometimes you just have to stop. Stop and rest.
We are sure that at some moments of overload, each of us sought to be on a desert island for a while. Find yourself where there are no phones, cars, jobs and other people. Somewhere along the azure sea under palm trees and the blazing sun. We want to take a break from the various worries and thoughts, to take a break from ourselves, even from our own thoughts.
Probably each of us has seen stories about life on a desert island. As a person getting food for himself, he built housing. Everyone read Robinson Crusoe and apparently imagined himself in his place. Now imagine that you were there. Whatever your actions, you could enjoy solitude. Perhaps they could, but not for long. We are very dependent on our phones, other gadgets, society. We are addicted to the Internet and civilization.
Do you think it's easy to give up on all this? Try not to watch YouTube videos at home first and watch your phone every five minutes. Try to eat what you find on the street, not what you ordered by the food delivery service. And it will become clear here that it is not so easy. Of course, we very much want to be alone sometimes, but it's really important.
Once on a desert island, what will be your first steps? Probably, for the first time you will still enjoy the silence and solitude. But then you want to eat and drink, you need to sleep somewhere, something to do when it's cold. It is unlikely that you will bring your own refrigerator and a wardrobe. It will be no longer necessary to live, but to survive. You will try to light a fire, so bring your matches. Then try to catch someone and fry or get something from the tree to eat. You will be looking for firewood and large leaves to build a place to sleep.
And if your favorite food is real Ossetian pies. How to be in this case? If you find something to eat, then you will not have the opportunity to make such pies. So maybe you don't have to dream of being in this paradise, not the same city.
Stay in Kiev. And when you need to relax, stay home alone. Put your mobile phone, laptop and TV away. Light candles and dream. Feel the freedom of thought. And we will help make this holiday even more enjoyable. You can order your favorite pie in the THREE PIES and our delivery service will do its best. If you order from 250 UAH, shipping is free.