Food problems not related to our cakes

Food problems not related to our cakes
Nutrition issues are raised every day by absolutely all people. From the trivial “what to buy for dinner” to the global problems discussed at conferences of the World Health Organization. To be or not to be GMO-products and how to label them correctly? Is the issue of obesity exclusively related to the personal choice of each individual, or should the government take care of this, imposing certain restrictions on the food industry? Does the growth of the world economy lead to the fact that people begin to eat something horrible and in incredible quantities, or vice versa allows to produce better products that determine the lifestyle of the population? In fact, now we can clearly and clearly answer you only the first question - for dinner, order pies online on our website. Thus, you will simultaneously solve some more issues, namely: your dinner will be prepared from organic products that do not contain GMO ingredients or harmful food additives; you will enjoy the meal and not only your stomach will be pleased, but you yourself; the nourishment and benefits of our pies are undeniable, so you definitely make a choice in favor of a healthy diet.

Where does gluten allergy come from and does it relate to us

Gluten, or gluten, is found in cereals. This is an ordinary protein or protein, and initially there is nothing wrong with it - it is an ordinary component of grains. But, as we already mentioned in the previous article about allergies, in some people this protein can actually cause a certain reaction, but it rarely manifests itself in special cases. A genetic predisposition to intolerance or hypersensitivity is actually not very common. Only about 1% of the world's population suffers from celiac disease (that's what it's called). With this disease, the intestines are affected, and such people really have to switch to a gluten-free diet. Other people can safely eat gluten - it does not carry the slightest danger. We bake Ossetian pies to order, and naturally flour is present in them. But this flour is made from cereals that are not processed by harmful substances and, therefore, can not harm your body. The use of special wheat growth accelerators can ultimately cause a person to have the same symptoms as with true gluten intolerance, and this is worth remembering.

Organic products in Ossetian pies to order

We constantly talk about the fact that when baking pies we use only organic products. But what is it, and is it possible to find such products in ordinary stores? There are special eco-labels approved by the government and the international community. Many unscrupulous marketers take advantage of the fact that people do not really know how such a label should look, and you have to study this topic up and down, and very carefully look at the labels. First of all, organic products are produced on small farms or in eco-settlements, where fully subsistence farming is carried out. But not all food delivery companies in Kiev cooperate with such small farms, and even more so, not every store will buy such products. Remember - the shelf life of organic products cannot be long, because only certain synthetic food additives can cause milk to not sour for weeks, and apples to lie longer than ten days.