Products for good sleep

Products for good sleep
Insomnia, at first glance, there is nothing dangerous in this word. In fact, a large number of people suffer from this disease. Perhaps you fall into this category. How to find out. Here are some signs of insomnia:
1. Sleep has become superficial
2. Feeling sleepy during the day
3. The level of emotional highs rises
4. Frequent and annoying waking up from every rustle
5. Memory has noticeably deteriorated
6. Short duration of sleep
If even half of this list suits you, then you suffer from insomnia. Systematic sleep disturbance is detrimental to health. It’s so good that there are a number of products that are ready to help you. Our bakery is madly in love with each client and wants you to stay healthy and enjoy life. Therefore, we use our best efforts and possibilities to make the menu of our bakery not only tasty, but also healthy. We have prepared for you a brief information about products that will relieve you of insomnia.
How to improve sleep?
Initially, you need to understand that food simply is not able to make significant changes in your body. For the best result, it is worth following some rules.
1. Do not forget to spend time outdoors, and in the summer to be in the sun.
2. Try not to overwork while working. It is advisable to take breaks between activities.
3. Sport is power. Do some exercises at least occasionally.
4. A few hours before bed, put the technique aside. At this time, you can read a book and be alone with your thoughts.
5. Try to eat less sugar. If it doesn’t work, then eat it only before lunch.
Foods that help with insomnia.
Serotonin is a substance that affects sleep quality. There is a lot of it in the composition of everyone's favorite kiwi. This is a world-famous fact, which has been confirmed by many studies and experiments on a group of people.
Pumpkin contains huge amounts of magnesium and zinc. These components are directly related to the duration and quality of sleep. Also, magnesium helps to improve the nervous system. Our famous Three Pies bakery has a pumpkin-filled dish on the menu. Ossetian pumpkin pie is insanely popular and delicious. Also on our site you can choose any cake to your taste. We have a huge assortment for all occasions. Starting from meat and fish fillings, ending with sweet and vegetarian Ossetian pies. You can also order drinks from us. We advise you to take cherry juice to the Ossetian pumpkin pie. This combination of tastes will forever remain in your memory. You don't even need to think about delivery. Only fast and punctual couriers work with us, who will bring you your order anywhere in Kiev.
They contain the hormone melanin. It causes drowsiness. So you will have a desire to go to bed earlier, and your sleep will be much better and longer.