Agriculture in Ukraine: where do the pies come from?

Agriculture in Ukraine: where do the pies come from?
Grain production and animal husbandry are quite developed industries in Ukraine, and it is very pleasant to realize that the Ossetian pies to order that we bake are made entirely from our Ukrainian native products. Livestock breeding is a very promising market, and Ukrainian businessmen understand this very well. The food industry is very important for the country, because everyone wants to eat every day, and especially tasty. Crop production ranks first with 30% of Ukraine’s GDP, animal husbandry is in second place. According to statistics, each resident of Ukraine on average consumes up to 45 kg of meat per year, and 80% of this meat is provided to the household market. The efficiency of dairy production is constantly growing, because our farmers are happy to introduce the best modern technology, knowing our people's love for dairy products. Due to its low cost, poultry meat remains the most popular for a very long time. You can try our pies with chicken or turkey and make sure that we use the freshest and most delicious meat and know how to cook it well. Managing to feed the population of Ukraine, our farms are simultaneously actively exporting chicken to European countries, which means that the quality of our product was appreciated and recognized there.

How is flour made for Ossetian pies

If you have ever traveled to Ukraine, you must have admired the beautiful fields of wheat more than once. But what happens after the harvester collects the grain and transfers it to the flour mill? To begin with, a certain number of random seeds are selected for research in the laboratory. Thus, they are convinced at the factory that everything is in order with the grains, they are healthy, do not contain anything harmful, and you can easily make flour from them, which will then be used to bake delicious Ossetian pies to order in Kiev. Only after the laboratory gives the go-ahead, having checked the grain by 45 indicators, it is shipped to the cleaning drum. All garbage is removed at this stage, and the grain is transferred for further processing. Flour can be different and is divided into grades. And here the point is not that some is better, and the other is worse. Just different grades of flour are better suited for baking different products. Varieties do not consist of one type of flour - they are taken two or three and mixed in the right proportions. The grain undergoes a multi-stage processing in order to obtain in the end pure flour from the core of the grains and bran, which are obtained from the shell of the grains, and are a very useful product for human health.

What does organic vegetables mean in pie filling

Organic cultivation of vegetables, spicy greens and fruits is a plant growing with preservation of the maximum natural balance with minimal human intervention. The requirements for organic food cultivation were approved by the European Union back in '91. The era of aggressive farming is gone, and natural care for soil, water and plants comes first. At the same time, production volumes do not fall, and product quality is growing. In organic farming, plants are planted taking into account the correct neighborhood, the land does not plow too deep so as not to damage the natural course of things. The earth itself knows how to supply water and minerals to it - the task of man is not to violate this, but to save it as much as possible. It is very important for us that the cakes we bake are tasty and healthy, and we use only products from trusted farms.