Seasonal Ossetian pies: stocking up vitamins

Seasonal Ossetian pies: stocking up vitamins
Every warm month of the year pleases gourmets of the Caucasian pastry with new fresh vegetables and greens. These two products are an integral component of the Ossetian cuisine. And the value lies not only in a wide range of flavors and tastes with which they saturate the filling of Ossetian pies. Their main advantage is a huge amount of useful microelements and vitamins, which allow to strengthen the immune system, increase the body's resistance to viruses and colds.

Homemade cheese - the main ingredient of Ossetian pies

Pickled Ossetian cheese is used in almost all varieties of Caucasian pastries. It is put together with other cheeses, meat, fish or vegetables, and with all these components of the filling, it is wonderfully combined!
A unique creamy, slightly salty cheese allows to reveal the whole variety of flavors, enhances the flavor and appetite. And also, it is a source of many important minerals and, in particular, calcium, which is necessary for the growth of bones and teeth. It is important that the Ossetian cheese is fresh, then it retains all the power of field herbs that the cow ate.
Ossetian cheese is a unique source of easily digestible protein. That it allows you to quickly get enough baking with seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs. In addition, proteins are the basis of a healthy diet, as they help to gain muscle mass or, if necessary, quickly and easily lose weight.

Classic Caucasian cuisine: pies with beet leaves, zucchini and new potatoes

Ossetian cuisine - one of the few in the world, in the list of seasonal vegetables necessarily contain green beet tops. It has a slightly sour original flavor that goes well with homemade cheese, meat and other vegetables. And in addition to valuable vitamins, it contains a lot of antioxidants. They prevent cell aging and allow you to maintain an attractive healthy appearance for deeply advanced years.
In the season when the Ukrainian nature generously sows vegetable gardens and fields with vegetable marrows, this vegetable becomes an important component of the Ossetian pie filling. Gentle taste serves as a background for a brighter disclosure of the entire gamut of pastry contents. Young zucchini, also rich in vitamins and contribute to the qualitative acceleration of transit in the intestine.
New potatoes pleases lovers of fresh seasonal vegetables with their very pleasant taste and stunning aroma, which enhances the herbs of fragrant herbs that make up the Ossetian pies. In winter, potatoes are also often used to bake real Ossetian pies. But then this vegetable is no longer so useful and tasty.

Three Pies Bakery: Fast Baking Delivery

There is nothing more pleasant at work than the long-awaited lunch break, which allows you to satisfy your hunger and get real pleasure from delicious food. Especially when it comes to delivering Ossetian pies to order, which is carried out by the Ossetian bakery "Three Pies". Hearty aromatic pastries with seasonal vegetables are an opportunity to have a wonderful meal at work or to organize a festive table.