Sun symbol

Sun symbol
What do you associate the word pancakes with. Someone may say that with something tasty and homemade, like our famous Ossetian pies. Someone will say - with grandmother and childhood, and for some pancakes - this is a symbol of Shrovetide. And in this case, I will be right. Have you ever wondered why pancakes have become such a popular and beloved symbol? In fact, everything is very simple. Let's look at the beginning, what is Shrovetide. That's right, this is a celebration of the meeting of spring and winter farewell. We play associations further. What do you imagine spring with? Many of you will answer - the sun. That's what our ancestors thought. So they associated pancakes with the sun and believed that it was his symbol.

That is where it all started

Our beloved pancakes have been known since ancient Egypt. The name "pancake" was not always. He was often called "Mlyn." This word came from "grind." And the name habitual for us appeared only in the sixteenth century. And what name could you come up with this miracle of cooking?
It is interesting who invented this wonderful dish that everyone loves: girls, and boys, and children, and adults. You can assume that pancakes were invented specifically for the nobility. But it was not there. In fact, many culinary experts are sure that they were invented completely by accident. It is believed that the inventor of this miracle is one very inept mistress. It is assumed that she set the oatmeal to warm up and suddenly gape. What happened in the end. Thanks to this, jelly turned out to be a very delicious pancake. However, this can be just a fiction and a tale. Alas, we do not know the truth yet.
We figured out the history of pancakes, but why are they still so popular. Why do they constantly appear on our tables. Of course, you can say that they are incredibly tasty, therefore, frequent guests of our holidays. But the essence is in their economy. If very concise, then only flour and water are needed to make them. But the amount of adding milk, sugar, butter and eggs depends only on the wealth of the family. Previously, many poor people could easily do without these products.
How do you eat pancakes? With a fork and a knife on a plate? During Russia, they would look at you as a very strange person. After all, they need to be eaten only with hands. But cutting with a knife was strictly prohibited. And if you didn’t listen and did it, then wait for trouble. After all, then people were sure that if you do not eat pancakes with your hands, but cut them, then you become an unhappy person with one hundred and one misfortune in your path. And on holidays this miracle dish was baked in huge quantities. People believed that the more they eat, the better things will go in the family.
“The first pancake is lumpy,” what a strange saying it is. We are sure that everyone has heard her at least once in her life, but few people know what she means. The first pancake, as you know, was baked in a still not quite prepared pan. She was not warm enough, and the pancake curled up in a lump. But these are our ancestors. It can't be that simple. Who used to be called bears. After all, they are very similar to a big fluffy com. And, as you know, on Maslenitsa these animals woke up from their winter hibernation. Therefore, the first pancake was always carried to the forest for the bear. People hoped that with such a gesture they would appease him, and he, in turn, would no longer bother them and livestock.
And in our time, our famous Ossetian pies are very suitable for appeasing. And what did you think, not only people like them, everyone loves them. After all, how can one be indifferent to such a tasty and satisfying filling. And when it can be chosen for every taste and mood, then it is generally divine. And how harmoniously combines thin dough with juicy filling. In our delicious Ossetian pies, there are always more toppings, and less dough, respectively. As you like.
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