How many pies are needed to never be hungry

How many pies are needed to never be hungry
Of course, the appetite of each person is different, and depends on too many factors in order to generalize at least something. In a different company, in a different mood and depending on the quality and quantity of sleep, the same person may want to eat with wound intensity. We will not take into account taste preferences, but simply imagine that we are talking about familiar and favorite dishes. Nevertheless, if you want to try to calculate your diet so that you never feel hungry - let's try to do this together, taking our hot and tasty Ossetian pies as an example.
The fact is that each product has an approximate digestion time in the stomach. For example, a glass of fruit juice will not leave the slightest trace of being in the stomach after fifteen minutes, but to cope with a piece of pork, gastric juice will take up to five hours. Of course, this is not an exact science, and the body of each person works individually, but empirically you can reveal your personal time, through which your tummy will again require delicious. The main thing is not to confuse the feeling of hunger and the healthy appetite of a real gourmet.

The main ingredients of most Ossetian pies

So, let's start with the test, since this ingredient is present in absolutely every pie - it is obvious and simple. Portions of bakery products will last for your stomach for two to three hours, so we can safely take this as a reference point. Although it is necessary to take into account the fact that there is only thirty percent of the test in the Ossetian pie to order, so we do a discount on this in our calculations.
Greens and vegetables are digested quickly enough, so if you prefer a lean version of a snack, after a couple of hours your stomach may begin to signal that it’s time to eat. This is good for those who try to eat often and little by little - in fact, exactly as experts in nutrition issues prescribe. This fact can be used by those who would like to reduce the amount of food consumed in order to reduce daily calorie intake and gradually lose a couple of extra kilos. One small three-hundred-gram pie can last for six hours if you divide the pie into three parts and use it every two hours.
If your task is to eat up and not deny yourself anything, then pay attention to meat pies. A large kilogram pie with veal can feed you almost the whole day, because two or three pieces of eight will be enough for one meal, and given the long process of processing meat in your stomach, you will be hungry no sooner than after three or four hours minimum, which means that from morning to evening you can safely eat one large meat pie. Order home delivery cake in the morning, and all day you can not worry about food.

Why you can’t eat up sweet cakes

Try to leave sweet cakes for dessert, not replacing them with the main course. Berries and fruits will be split into microelements almost immediately, sweet dough will linger for some more time, and therefore it is very easy to overdo it with sweet. Sugar is a fast carbohydrate that gives you an instant surge of strength and good mood, but its excessive use is not quite useful.
Too much dough can give you a feeling of quick satiety, which, unfortunately, will also disappear just as quickly, so order pies with meat fillings that will warm and saturate you. Cheese is a great compromise between meat and vegetables, so the Four Cheeses pie can saturate you for enough time, while not making your stomach too heavy. We select the best varieties of cheese and complement them with spices that are of great benefit to your health.
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