Shelf life of ready meals in the refrigerator

Shelf life of ready meals in the refrigerator
In order not to become an accidental victim of banal food poisoning, you need to understand not only the degree of freshness of raw foods, but also how much this or that dish can be stored in the refrigerator. There is not always time to cook, and most often this problem is solved very simply - ordering ready-made meals at home. But a variety of situations happen in life, and it’s better to understand what happens behind a closed refrigerator door with dishes prepared for later. On the one hand, it is easy to recognize a really spoiled product - although the processes of fermentation and decay slow down at low temperatures, they still occur and give the food an unappetizing smell and even a look, not to mention the taste. It is simpler with a freezer - even ready-made borsch in a dish can be stored in the freezer for at least a week without a significant loss of nutritional and taste qualities, but preparing such portions takes time and draining, and putting the pan in the refrigerator is much easier. According to the established sanitary standards, during the day you can safely store prepared foods at temperatures up to +5 degrees Celsius. Moreover, for fried meat, these terms are already doubled and reach 48 hours, but it is better to eat cream cakes within six hours. If you are used to running into the culinary department of the supermarket, keep in mind that storage periods are not always respected in such places, and making food poisoning is much easier than it might seem. The best option for ready-made food is fresh pies with delivery, which we prepare for you quickly and from the highest quality products.

Why are our pies always fresh

One of the most important principles of our business is the use of only proven ingredients. We bake dozens and dozens of pies per day, each is prepared to order and delivered as quickly as possible so as not to lose the heat of the wood stove. Our ingredients are not stored for days, at least because they disperse very quickly, and our suppliers always fill up our supplies on time. Despite the fact that Ossetian pies can be stored in the refrigerator, you can be sure that we feed you only freshly baked products, and the filling is made from fresh meat and vegetables. If for some reason you have a few pieces left, feel free to put them in the refrigerator and leave until tomorrow. There are no perishable ingredients in our pies. By the way, the myth that you cannot put warm or hot food in the refrigerator has long been a thing of the past. Old refrigerators required regular defrosting and special operating rules in order to avoid ugly and uncomfortable ice sculptures inside the refrigerator. Modern refrigerators calmly cool food even at temperatures of 50-60 degrees. Moreover - this is the way food remains fresher, because microbes do not have time to actively proliferate, which occurs at a temperature of about 35 degrees, if you leave the dish on the table, afraid to spoil the refrigerator.

What is the best way to save the remnants of the New Year's table

Even if you, as a modern person, do not kill two days to prepare for the holiday, lock yourself in the kitchen, and use various home delivery services in Kiev - at least some traditional olivier and similar mayonnaise salads will somehow appear on your table. Well, the traditional eating of goodies on January 1-3 has not been canceled yet. If you cook salads yourself, then season them with mayonnaise in portions, before serving directly. Having acquired such a useful habit, you will very much forget the acidified taste of the cold First-January salad. Pack any other dishes in cling film and - again - do not hesitate to send them to the refrigerator while still warm. Slices of sausage and cheese cover with parchment paper, and cover the remaining champagne with at least an improvised cork.