Should I follow the rules of serving, eating pies

Should I follow the rules of serving, eating pies
Absolutely all rituals, superstitions and omens originate in the past, when certain actions had not symbolic, but very practical meaning. If we talk about modern table setting, then the beginning of this part of ethics can be considered the early Middle Ages. Candles on tables at that time were not decorative, but a necessity, because even after sunset people wanted to eat, but the romantic light of wax candles simply helped to see the plate and not to bring the spoon past the mouth. At that time, the idea of ​​inventors had not yet reached such a mundane thing as plates and dark medieval eaters engaged in finding the right religion, absorbed food directly from the table, from grooves specially hollowed out on the wooden surface. Although, if they had made an order for pies at home, they would not need plates in any case - our pies can be consumed without them. Forks, spoons, and table knives were also unnecessary excesses at that distant time. It was quite possible to take food with your hands, and cut it with your favorite military daggers. And, if it weren’t for the bad habit of stabbing after a heavy libation at dinner, we probably wouldn’t recognize the familiar rounded blunt table knife.

Order Ossetian pies at home and do without plates

Did you know that it was not at all restaurateurs who thought of serving dishes in bread plates? This is also part of our story. Use of bread as a container for a serving of food was thought up in the tenth century. The bread soaked in juice of food could be consumed as a snack in person, or distributed to the starving people, having improved their reputation in their eyes. Nevertheless, having quickly mastered the ability to process wood and metals, medieval residents hastened to invent another way of social differentiation on the basis of material wealth - the rich ate their favorite delicacies exclusively from huge golden plates, graciously allowing their loved ones to saturate their stomach with food lying on silver, copper and tin - depending on what the faithful vassal has earned. And since there were apparently no cardboard boxes or food with delivery at that time, I had to curry favor to get a beautiful plate.

Forks, spoons and knives - you can eat pies without them

Yes this is true. If you want, break the cake with your hands, but if you want, we will cut it into several pieces, apply a few napkins, and you will not need anything other than our cake and your appetite. And the fork, by the way, in the Middle Ages was a sign of wealth, because not everyone could afford this toothy cutlery. It was supposed to go to the feast in your own fork, which not only took part of the expenses from the owners, but also allowed to compete in the size of the forks and the number of teeth in between meal changes.
However, today this is useless - delicious food to order in Kiev is available to everyone on any day, and we will not require you to present any forks - just enjoy Ossetian pies with your favorite fillings, despising all the conventions. We bake pies every day, and our couriers show real miracles, delivering them on time and still hot right from the stove.