Beet tops in Ossetian pies: the benefits and incredible taste!

Beet tops in Ossetian pies: the benefits and incredible taste!
Every connoisseur of Caucasian cuisine loves to enjoy real Ossetian pies with seasonal vegetables and herbs. Especially highly valued pastries with the addition of beet tops, which gives the dishes a special, incomparable taste. Young fresh leaves are finely chopped, and then added to the potato and, occasionally, to the meat stuffing. But only Ossetian pies with cheese and beet greens, which are prepared in the Three Pies bakery, have the most pronounced authentic taste.

Secrets of the right Caucasian baking

Ossetian pies to order in Kiev is a very popular service. It is used by those who wish to have a satisfying and tasty lunch at work and at the same time get rid of the need to eat in the common dining room or to look for a free table in the nearest cafes.
Ossetian pies with cheese and beet leaves are most often ordered in the Ossetian bakery "Three Pies". Delicious Caucasian pastries are prepared by cooks in full accordance with the ancient recipe and using exclusively fresh products. In addition, the bakery is equipped with a traditional wood-burning stove, thanks to which the cakes are soaked with a special flavor.
A special role in the preparation of real Ossetian pies is the dough. Simple, kneaded without eggs, yeast dough is rolled out in an even thin layer. According to the tradition, the fillings should be twice as large in order for the cakes to be not only tasty, but also nourishing. A well-baked top and bottom crust has a delicate aroma and taste that allows you to feel all the advantages of a generous filling.

Ossetian pies with young beet leaves and cheese

This is the best option for people who:
They prefer healthy food, this type of baking can only bring benefits. Thus, the real Ossetian cheese is a rich source of vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain the full functioning of the body;
They want a quick, satisfying and tasty meal. Like all pastries cooked in our Ossetian bakery, beetroot and cheese pies have several sizes. The smallest can satisfy the appetite of even a very hungry person, and a big one can be enough for a small company of employees or friends;
They do not have free time to search for (and, especially, preparation) treats for relatives who have suddenly come to their senses or a small delegation of business partners. Hot baking will help to direct any conversation in a positive direction and find points of contact with any person. After all, the well-fed are always more accommodating than the hungry;
They want to add a festive table with something original and tasty. Ossetian pies with beet tops and cheese perfectly complement any table, be it a corporate event or a colleague's birthday.
Delivery of Ossetian pies is carried out in all areas of the city of Kiev. Given the time for cooking Caucasian pastries and the way, it is better to order it in advance. So you will be sure that you will be able to have lunch, dinner or prepare for a festive event on time.