Dough is an enemy or friend of a healthy diet

Dough is an enemy or friend of a healthy diet
Remember the french diet? In the morning - a cupcake, in the evening ... love, if it does not help - exclude flour. And this very “flour”, along with sweet, is seen as the main enemy of a slim figure in the minds of most people. But what is so bad about the test, and is it really impossible to use it? But what about all these slender nice people in eateries, with appetite absorbing burgers and pies? In order to understand the reasons for the friendly hatred of most homegrown nutritionists to the test, and all other derivatives of flour, you need to understand a little about the functioning of the human body. In the meantime, we understand - you can take our word for it that a little right test will never hurt, and order a pie with home delivery.
The human body is a rather complicated thing. And from the point of view of energy consumption and return, this is an almost perfect mechanism that can turn a small amount of food into powerful fuel for the functioning of all systems. Even if you do not trust historians in terms of information about the life of primitive people, just look at the modern semi-wild tribes, who still live happily without any unnecessary civilization. Surprisingly, a person spends less energy to collect fruits than later receives with these fruits. This allows the human being to survive for some time even without food. Our body is wise and thrifty, and does not waste energy, still remembering the times when the extraction of food was a long and difficult action. And evolution, as you know, the process is long, leisurely and very selective. It is possible that in a few hundred years, humanity will come to absorb large amounts of high-calorie food without harming the figure, but so far this ability has been granted to too few.

Flour products on the table every day is normal

Of course, only if the filling of the plates is not limited to them. The dough can be tasty in itself - lovers of fancy buns without filling will prove it to you very quickly. But such a mono-diet is unlikely to lead to a balanced diet, which means we come to the only right conclusion - the dough should only be an addition to the main dish. Custom made pies are a great example of the perfect proportion of delicious pastry and healthy toppings. Firstly, the dough can be different, and depending on the method of its preparation can be both very satisfying and dietary. We chose a middle ground, so as not to torment the fans of baking with lean and tough cakes, but also not to terrify the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. The dough in which we wrap the filling does not contain absolutely nothing superfluous. Moreover, the yeast test also contains useful substances necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

Eat Ossetian pies and get both benefit and pleasure

The Ossetian pie with delivery from our pie contains no more than thirty percent of the dough, which means that basically you will use the filling that you choose according to your own taste. You can choose a pie with chicken or turkey, or even a completely vegetable option - it all depends on your desire. We, in turn, are committed to delivering you hot pies on time. Order now - delicious food is always a good choice!