Dough VS stuffing

Dough VS stuffing
What's the matter with baking? Some will immediately say that the dough, and someone will prefer its contents. Of course, there are people for whom appetizing crunchy dough is a priority when it comes to baking, and for some, the main filling is pie and even more. We also offer you Ossetian pies, which blend the first and second, and they can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding gourmet. Do you know that the pies were not immediately baked?

Pie as a plate or all ingenious - easy!

Baking this dish was invented by ancient Egyptians and, interestingly, these pies were not the pies we used to eat now, but they acted as plates. They poured food into them or used it as a place to store it. Naturally, the contents of such utensils were eaten, namely the dough went into the trash. But, as we know, all inventions in the kitchen, especially new recipes, are a kind of coincidence, which over time becomes an incredible fragrance for all time. Remember at least the Olivier salad named after its author. The French chef, who worked at the time in Russia and was famous for delicious dishes that were often served with original sauce, mayonnaise, simply mixed all the ingredients he had on hand to please the demanding landlord. This is how the salad was created, which is still the decoration of any table. Certainly, few people now follow his original recipe, and it was far from the way it is now, but the fact remains.
Just by chance, such a delicious, airy and even weightless puff pastry was created. At the end of the 17th century, Claudius Gele, a disciple of one famous confectioner, simply wanted to bake a special dietary bread for his father, but kneading the dough, he forgot to put a piece of butter in it, so added it to a ready-made mix. What was his surprise when he eventually received a product that had several layers of dough. Although the cook kept the recipe of his creation in great secrecy, still people had to find out its secret.
So over time, and the pie, which was originally used only as a cookware, someone guessed baking already. Initially, this baking was only round in shape, and later its appearance began to change and now has several dozen variants: from small sprays to rectangular pies. At first the pies were filled with fruits, and then they began to experiment and put vegetables, meat and fish in it.

Perfect tandem of dough and toppings

Each nation has its own recipe for this dish. Ukrainians are accustomed to cooking open or closed, round or rectangular pies, and as a stuffing to use cabbage, mushrooms, cheese, meat, jam, etc. Our Three Pies bakery offers to try amazing cheese pies with different toppings. These can be both meat pies, vegetarian or sweet. Whatever you choose, you will be satisfied anyway.
If you live or stay in the capital, you no longer have to search engine to query where to eat or buy Ossetian pie cues, as our pie site is sure to stay in your tabs. And you know why? Because once again you want to taste our pastry, which combines dough and filling perfectly. In addition, we offer great discounts on birthday cakes for our pies. So you don't have to worry about treating your guests or work colleagues.