Top most interesting facts about Christmas

Top most interesting facts about Christmas
Christmas is an unforgettable holiday. A wonderful occasion to gather all your large family at one table. They always prepare for him in advance, so as not to hit their face in the mud in front of relatives. Christmas traditions in the twenty-first century, few people follow. But 12 dishes on the table often slip. Only this will surprise no one for a long time. After all, most do not fast.
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In honor of Christmas, we would like to dedicate this article to interesting facts about this wonderful Christian holiday.

The most interesting facts about Christmas

1. Few people know, but in 200 Christmas was celebrated not on January 7, but on May 26. Then this date in 320 was postponed to December 25. Since this day was considered to be the birthday of the sun. Catholics have not abandoned this tradition and celebrate Christmas on the 25th.
2. In fact, our ancestors, the first Christians did not believe in this day and categorically did not celebrate Christmas. They recognized only Easter and Epiphany.
3. At Christmas, as a tradition, everyone gives each other gifts.
4. Until 1843, postcards were not allowed. After all, they simply did not exist. They appeared only thanks to the Englishman Cole.
5. Traditionally, candles are lit at Christmas. This is done to understand the human place on Earth, and, of course, to defeat all the dark beginnings of your soul.
6. Spruce is considered to be the tree of Christ the Savior. After all, it symbolizes rebirth. Now people are more comfortable and practical to use not natural trees, but artificial ones. The first such spruce was made from goose feathers by the Germans. Candles were used to decorate such trees. We draw a logical conclusion why fires happened so often. People began to look for escape routes and decided to put a bucket of water near each ate in case of fire.
7. There is a belief that on the eve of the celebration of Christmas all spirits wake up. On European tables, you can often see simple porridge on the table. It is intended for perfume and is put on all night.
8. Earlier, during the festive Christmas dinner, the British put on special crowns. And the Poles decorated the tree with spiders. They worship this insect. After all, we are sure that it was the spider who weaved a blanket for the little Savior.