Dill as a simple but important addition to fillings

Dill as a simple but important addition to fillings
Almost all savory fillings for pies one way or another contain greens. It refreshes and gives a special taste to meat and vegetables, goes well with cheese, and can change the taste of a dish quite dramatically. Asia is considered the homeland of dill as seasoning, but the Greeks and Egyptians quickly appreciated this inconspicuous but fragrant herb, and also began to add it to salads, soups and pastries. But before becoming a seasoning, dill was also used in medicine, considered a good remedy for headaches. Also, dill was used to prepare a decoction that helps digestion, and even today, mothers prepare dill water for colicky babies, so there is no doubt that dill is not only tasty, but also very healthy.
In our pies we collect all the best, and be sure to add greens to where it is most appropriate. Try to order a pie in our bakery in Kiev, and appreciate the skill with which our chefs calculated the proportion of greens in the filling.

Dill, as a medicine, or why are our pies so useful

Returning to the medical properties of this tasty herb, it should be noted that its effectiveness to a certain extent has been proved not only by our grandmothers. The substances contained in the dill really help relieve headaches, soothe the digestive tract, have bactericidal properties and are even able to relieve spasms. Dill infusion can be used with conjunctivitis and with high blood pressure. It is unlikely that our custom-made pies will help with conjunctivitis, but we try to take care of your digestion as much as possible.
Moreover, these properties are preserved in a very different form - properly dried dill will act no worse, or even better than freshly picked, and the seeds are used both in marinades and in conservation, since dill seeds prevent mold formation of products.

The variety of uses of dill in cooking

You can find it almost everywhere, except, perhaps, sweet desserts. And the rest - meat and fish dishes, vegetable stews, soups, casseroles, pies, sauces and marinades, cheese and curd products. Dill fits perfectly into any diet, it is added even to kefir and unsweetened yogurt. Dill oil is used for the preparation of confectionery, and salted dill can be added both to the dough and to the filling for savory pastries. Strictly speaking, this is what we do by baking pies with home delivery.

Oregano, or common oregano in cooking

In Europe, this sweet grass is called the beautiful word "oregano", but our name - oregano - is nevertheless closer, although these words mean the same thing. Being a distant relative of herbs such as mint and lemon balm, oregano gives dishes a very special fresh taste. Italian pizza and Greek salad can not do without it, many sauces and even desserts also include oregano. We also did not ignore this wonderful seasoning, and in many of our home-made pies you can make out the shades of the taste of this spice.
The taste of oregano can slightly burn, but this only adds spice to the dish. Seasoning is combined with any meat, especially lamb and pork, grilled or baked in the oven, framed by a thin layer of yeast dough - this is how our delicious Ossetian pies turn out.

Our pie fillings are the most delicious!

And in many respects it is due to the fact that we select the right seasonings for each type of meat or fish, we know the most delicious combinations of vegetables and choose the best types of cheese to please our beloved customers. Food delivery in Kiev is a very popular service, but we want you to appreciate exactly our approach to cooking, the taste of our cakes, and our service. Treat yourself and your loved ones, and order some pies right now, and very soon the courier will bring you pies directly from the stove. They will be still hot, and really tasty.