Delicious healthy pastries: Ossetian pumpkin pies

Delicious healthy pastries: Ossetian pumpkin pies
Caucasian pastries are very popular among Ukrainians due to their amazing taste. Regardless of the type of filling, the Ossetian pies are a hearty dish that can satisfy any appetite. In addition, the use of vegetables such as pumpkin, makes them very useful for the human body.

Nasjin: Ossetian Pumpkin Pies

In the bakery "Three Pies" make Caucasian pastries using traditional folk recipes. Eggs are never added to the dough, which allows you to make the dough layer as thin and soft as possible. After the cake is baked in a wood oven, it must be poured with melted butter. Due to this, the crust becomes more tender and fragrant.
Ossetian pumpkin pies have a lot of useful properties:
  • A large amount of carotene has a beneficial effect on vision;
  • The presence of a significant supply of vitamin C in the pumpkin pulp, perfectly supports immunity and protects against colds;
  • Pumpkin normalizes pressure. Regular consumption of Ossetian pies with it helps to improve the condition of the blood vessels;
  • Juicy pulp rich in fiber, accelerates transit in the intestines and stimulates digestion;
  • Stuffing pumpkin and Ossetian cheese in cakes well cheers up and saves from insomnia;
  • Antioxidants regenerate the cells of the body, including the skin, allowing you to maintain attractiveness and prolonging life;
  • Helps fight obesity, helps to quickly lose those extra pounds.
In addition, pumpkin pies and homemade cheese is a wonderful dietary dish, which pediatricians recommend to be sure to enter into the children's menu. Useful qualities of pumpkin and unleavened, well baked dough, are well known in traditional medicine, where baking also has a sacred significance.

Pumpkin Ossetian pie: a hearty lunch or a festive treat?

This Nasjin stuffing consists of juicy bright orange pumpkin and young homemade cheese. Therefore, it has a natural sweetish taste that children like very much. Properly cooked Ossetian cake can be a main dish on a festive table. Especially eating, among the guests there are people suffering from diabetes. Due to the large amount of natural glucose, such a treat will be absolutely safe for them.
The delivery service of fresh Ossetian pies is enjoyed by many residents of Kiev. This service is especially popular among working people, because this is a great opportunity to eat right in the office. A Ossetian pumpkin pie can be an excellent substitute for a cake during a small celebration in a team of colleagues, the birthday of a colleague. It is also not a shame to meet such business partners as business partners or important business customers.
Ossetian pies are delivered to all districts of the capital. It is important to place an order in advance so that the cooks can cook it. Then she will reach you, bursting with heat and unforgettable aroma of fresh pastries. Such a dinner is an optimal solution that allows you to save free resources - time, effort and money. After all, ordering Ossetian pies is always cheaper than eating in restaurants or in a cafe with decent cuisine!