The emergence of food delivery

The emergence of food delivery
I think you will agree that the speed of today's life, in large cities, does not allow us to create our own culinary masterpieces - there is simply not enough time. Plus, sometimes you really want to relax, feel the care of another person
The problem of nutrition actually made entrepreneurs think about how to find a way out of this situation? The solution to the problem was found quickly - home delivery of food. For he who seeks finds! Food delivery in Kiev or in Ukraine, and actually anywhere - is one of the most common services in the modern world. Combining professionally prepared food with convenient home access, food delivery is more popular today than any other time in human history. Although the history of its occurrence stretches far into the past.

This is mainly due to modern technology, namely with respect to transport. Following the widespread adoption of automobiles and the evolution of communications technology, including telephones, which are commonly used in restaurants around the industrial world for food orders.

In fact, according to the Business Online restaurant, it is known that 86% of consumers use the ambulance food delivery service. This means that delivery services are the foundation of the modern market. Interestingly, home delivery of food has now become extremely popular, this idea originated in ancient Rome with the creation of a thermopoly. There it manifested itself like this: there was a street kitchen, for many who could not afford to eat well, the only way to eat hot food.

• Thermopoly - a place that was used during the time of Ancient Rome, where it was possible to purchase ready-to-eat food. What are the specifics: hot food was stored in large clay pots inserted in the counter and was probably served as in modern fast foods. Archaeologists have discovered such finds in Pompeii and Herculeanumi.
This is an interesting fact, to identify such cuisines in the ruins of Pompeii. They actually demonstrate the beginning of the concept of food export.
• The second ancient civilization, the Aztecs, had gigantic markets, strictly selling food “on the road”, or “takeaway,” as we are now used to call it.
This is all from the story. In fact, the first recorded example of food delivery is a bit like a modern concept - comes from Italy.
• In Italy, in 1889, when King Umberto and Queen Margarita were lazy and called on Rafael Esposito to deliver them pizza to the palace in Naples.
• Soon after, a man in India named Mahadeo Havaji Bacci came up with the idea of ​​a company that manufactures and delivers home meals for workers in the city of Mumbai. The service is known as dabbawala, and today there are 5,000 in India, delivering more than 200,000 meals to hungry workers across the country.
• A well-known fact - the Americans made a revolution in delivery services, making transportation of food to where customers were, in the past in wheelchairs, on horses.
• During the Second World War, the United States developed a modern style of delivery, a whole system was created - for delivering food to families who have lost their homes. The United States government has provided hot meals to families across the country as a way to preserve the country's morale.

Subsequently, many restaurants appeared in the United States. For 50 years, the growing American middle class has been content to stay at home watching TV and make food in their own kitchens. This meant that the restaurant industry in the United States began to collapse. Restaurants were forced to adapt, creating a modern delivery service. And the menu was advertised on TV. The New York Times says restaurants that began delivering services increased sales by up to 50% in a short time.

Foods around the world are no exception. Subsequently, they were able to develop this by integrating into the modern form of delivery and pickup. Actually, such services are provided by our bakery Three Pies. We accept orders on Mon-Fri: 8.30-19.00 and Sat-Sun: 10.00-22.00. You can order the best Ossetian pies in Kiev.

Pizza can be considered a prototype of pies, so back to the story. In the 1950s - 1960s of the last century, the preparation and delivery of food, namely pizza, in Europe was founded by Italian immigrants who fled from the war. At the end of the war, pizza became popular in America. This was greatly facilitated by the American soldiers who returned from Italy. They started their own business: making pizza in their kitchens.
Food delivery was initially done on bicycles, but soon all food delivery providers changed their transport. The staff at Three Pies bakeries delivers your order in cardboard boxes, similar to what you are used to seeing when ordering pizza. They are of high quality, therefore they are made of multilayer corrugated cardboard or microcorrugated cardboard. It is very durable and retains heat.
You can place an order on the website or by mobile phone. We will prepare it just for you, we do not use prepared. Each of our pie has its own owner.