Why do you need etiquette at the table

Why do you need etiquette at the table
To make the right impression is the main secret of a good reputation, strong useful contacts and other trifles that are absolutely necessary for every person in the opinion of the majority. It is unlikely that we will trust the doctor who scolded the annoying old woman at the reception, or seriously take the boss, who has the habit of publicly picking his nose. By manners, we judge a person even unconsciously, because each of us wants others to show their respect and sympathy, and this is easiest to do with good manners. Even in the company of friends, where it would seem that you can relax and not think about conventions, good behavior deserves praise and approval. Given the fact that among us there are subtle natures that can be offended by almost any involuntary gesture, it is easier to always be on the alert, making good manners part of your everyday look.
Eating delicious Ossetian pies to order, I don’t even want to think about how we currently look in the eyes of others. And is it really necessary? What rules of behavior are really worth adhering to, and which we can safely drop for the sake of full concentration on food intake?

Even food to order does not exempt from some rules.

For example, cleanly washed hands. First of all, this is a matter of hygiene, but this is in our time, when information about a possible infection with various mucks is available online to all comers, people really understand the reasons for this need. But this was not always the case - many laws of society were created in order to protect all participants in the feast, regardless of their level of awareness. So no one will argue with this - you need to wash your hands before eating.
Another rule that does not seem so important, and often neglected in narrow and not very circles - during meals, the distance between the neighbors on the table should be sufficient. It is difficult to freely enjoy a meal, constantly clinging to the elbows of the co-creators, or wincing at the crumbs and drops of sauce that have fallen on your clothes from someone else's plate. Pies with delivery in Kiev should be eaten with maximum comfort for themselves and others.
Do not eat with a knife. To many, this seems stupid, and often eating a meal with the sharpest cutlery is the reason for the additional bragging of people who have not completely left adolescence. But here elemental safety takes precedence - there is no need to spatter the table with blood from a cut cheek or lip, spoiling the appetite of normal people or exciting overly thrill-seekers.

Well, these rules of conduct can be neglected by ordering Ossetian pies

Posture - that's what I really don't want to think about in the process of absorbing a delicious hot Ossetian cake in Kiev. A straight back can be useful to you in life, but at home and in the company of friends you can bend as you like, as long as it does not squeeze your stomach - and there is nothing to do with etiquette. And if you treat a piece of cake to your neighbors on the table - much less nobody will monitor the position of your elbows - everyone will be consumed with yummy.
You can also forget to forbid touching food with your hands once and for all - our pies will not lose a drop of taste if you would prefer that there are no obstacles in the form of cutlery between you and delicious food. In addition, the metallic taste of the fork does not always go well with the Ossetian pie - didn’t you notice?
Eat deliciously and with pleasure, and the network of bakeries “3 Pies” will always help you with this!