We drink pies with the best cocktails: recipes without alcohol

We drink pies with the best cocktails: recipes without alcohol
A gourmet is not only one who prefers especially tasty cooked food to any other. How to drink hot Ossetian cake when you want something nontrivial? Today we’ll try to figure out recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails that are appropriate at any party, even if this is a children's party for adults. So, imagine that you have already ordered Ossetian pies online, and you have a short wait for the courier. Why not make a couple of cocktails for now? By the way, about the children's matinee - it was not a joke. Many of the drinks listed below will appeal to children very much.

Sweet non-alcoholic cocktails

"Bumblebee". Take the orange juice, fill the glass halfway and optimistically observe it while preparing a serving of espresso. Gently pour the coffee on top and add caramel syrup. For decoration, use a slice of fresh orange and a couple of ice cubes. If everything is done correctly, you will get a bright striped coffee-orange cocktail, obligatory for coloring by its fluffy name.

Mojito. The non-alcoholic version is essentially no different from the original, except, in fact, the absence of white rum. The crushed lime with mint is mixed with crushed ice, placed in a glass and poured with sweet soda and sugar syrup. Usually they take a sprite, but we will do without product placement.

"Pelican". A very beautiful soft pink cocktail, which will decorate the children's table at the celebration, and adult lovers of berries and fruits will also be very pleased. Put ice, strawberries and banana slices in a blender, beat, add peach juice, strawberry syrup and grenadine, season with lemon juice and garnish with strawberries.

Snickers Milkshake. An unequivocal favorite of the sweet tooth! Whip milk with caramel and chocolate syrups, add vanilla ice cream and garnish with roasted peanuts.

Cold Latte with Oreo. Chocolate cookies with a delicate white cream inside have long fascinated the whole world, turning into the most popular brand of cookies, and now these sweets can be used in cocktails. Espresso with milk is supplemented with chocolate chip syrup, garnished with whipped cream with chocolate topping and oreo cookies. If desired, ice in cubes is added to the cocktail.

"Raspberry Sbiten." In fact, it is a raspberry smoothie diluted with water and supplemented with honey, sugar and lemon zest. It can be served both cold and hot, if desired, replacing fresh raspberries with jam, thereby giving the usual cold and hypothermia a refined look and taste.

Unsweetened cocktails for meat Ossetian pies

The cocktails listed above are essentially all sweet, but this does not mean that you can only drink Ossetian dessert cakes to order with them. Many find it special to enjoy meat dishes with sugary drinks, and this combination of tastes also has a place to be. Well, there is nothing to say about the Ossetian cheese pies with delivery - they are always relevant. But there are options for cocktails, which can not be called uniquely sweet and suitable for desserts.

"Cucumber Lemonade." Cucumbers consist of water a little less than completely, and this allows you to make from them not only juicy salads, but also drinks. To get started, try sprinkling finely chopped fresh cucumber with a sprite, squeezing lime juice, adding a few orange slices and a little honey syrup. If desired, the cocktail can be decorated with a sprig of rosemary.

"General Drink." A very interesting fruit and vegetable non-alcoholic cocktail. 120 ml of grape juice is mixed with 20 ml of tomato paste, 20 ml of orange juice, 10 ml of lemon juice, two grated carrots and a pinch of nutmeg are added there. This aromatic drink boasts both taste and benefits.

"Tomato flip." For 300 ml of tomato juice, take two egg yolks, 100 ml of cream, half a glass of lemon juice and mix all this in a mixer. Salt, pepper and pour into glasses. Flip perfectly in harmony with the meat pies to order from our pie!