Cocoa myths

Cocoa myths
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Ossetian pies are suitable for all drinks. For example, meat ones go better with carbonated drinks, cheese fillings - with alcohol, sweet Ossetian pies - this is an excellent choice for tea or cocoa. By the way, cocoa is not only the powder that has been known to all of us since the times of the USSR. There are also insanely delicious cocoa beans. This is not one myth that a large number of people believe in. Today we decided to deal with this issue and dot the and.

Soviet cocoa powder is the perfect cocoa

This is a complete lie. First, you should know what kind of powder it is. In fact, this is just a by-product that we get after making cocoa butter. It, like grated cocoa, is obtained from cocoa beans. After the production of cocoa butter, surplus remains - this is the drink to which we are accustomed.
The best cocoa comes from grated cocoa beans. You can also use dark chocolate. After drinking such a drink, you will immediately feel the difference.
If you don't have milk and sugar, you cannot make cocoa.
A lot of people are sure that cocoa must be poured only with milk and sugar. But in fact, this is fiction. If you prepare a drink with cocoa powder, then the milk will make it taste more expressive. But this has nothing to do with grated cocoa. He does not need additional support. It has enough taste and fat content, so it can be safely diluted with water.
But do not forget that without sugar, the drink becomes for lovers, just like tea and coffee. After all, cocoa itself is quite bitter.

Cocoa cannot be drunk, it is harmful to the skin

This statement arose from the similarity to chocolate. Cocoa does not harm your body, but this is if you do not add sugar and milk. Excessive supplementation has several consequences, including skin problems.

Only children drink cocoa

In advertisements, you can constantly see that cocoa is a tasty and healthy thing for children, but this is a stereotype. Cocoa is an alternative to coffee drinks. After all, it does not contain caffeine, so cocoa is often visualized with children. Despite this, cocoa is a source of vitality. The drink also stimulates the nervous system. It just acts a little slower than coffee.