Food allergy: what happens and what to do with it

Food allergy: what happens and what to do with it
Allergy is a rather unpleasant thing. A man walks through the park, breathes spring air, and suddenly begins to sneeze, blush, or even suffocate - this is not a sharp attack of a cold, most likely the cause of discomfort was some out-of-time weed grass, which the body perceives as an invader, which must be urgently removed from organism in any way possible. The same thing with food - even the most harmless components can provoke an allergic reaction. Separately, there is food immunity, when the body of an individual person reacts to a product that, in general, is not an allergen for most. Most often, these reactions are observed in childhood, and many of them may well be “outgrown”. Allergy is most often the immune response to an irritant. The reaction is on foreign proteins - proteins, in other words. Mistaking a plant or animal protein for a harmful organism, the immunogenet begins its struggle, which manifests itself in a rash, irritation of the nasopharynx, and so on. If you know that you or your child are subject to such troubles, then you are probably used to carefully choosing a diet. Further we will consider whether there are Ossetian pies in our menu that you can eat without fear.

What fillings can trigger allergies

Most often, citrus fruits and certain types of berries give a reaction. Moreover, in this context, we also refer tomatoes to berries, so with such fillings it is better to be careful for nursing mothers so as not to provoke a rash and colic in the baby. One of the rarest types of allergies is a reaction to wheat flour. But to identify it is not so simple, because it manifests itself only in the case of the use of a large number of flour products, and in individual cases - only when combined with physical activity. Since our Ossetian pies to order a test contain less than 30%, we can not consider this type of reaction, but focus on the toppings. Milk and eggs are not used at all in our recipes, so here you can also be calm. The best choice for an allergy sufferer is chicken and turkey pies. This type of meat has many useful properties, while not being an allergen. If you like custom-made food in Kiev, but are afraid of a reaction to the components of sushi or sauce in burgers - choose our pie products. Also, pay attention to the fact that we mainly use Ossetian cheese, which is not prepared one hundred percent from cow's milk - most often it’s goat and sheep’s, which also do not cause a reaction even in small children.

What dishes are better not to give children

Allergy is a complex multicomponent process, and it must be remembered that genetic predisposition alone is not a key factor in the occurrence of a reaction. The environment and lifestyle help a lot either to stop allergic manifestations, or vice versa - they allow them to bloom in a violent color. Do not try to protect yourself and your child from everything in the world. Allergy is a failure of the immune response, and immunity cannot develop correctly in “greenhouse” conditions. The human body must in moderate portions encounter allergens, germs, bacteria - everything that we find in one way or another on the street and even at home. Try to order a pie with a neutral filling like the same chicken or turkey, and calmly enjoy a delicious hot meal with delivery. Try a small slice of berry pie, experiment with different cheeses - let your body taste different foods and work out the right reaction to the various components. Delight yourself and your family with delicious and healthy food!